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Nov 24, 2019

In Episode #56 of the DCD podcast, we attempt to predict Nintendo's future in the console market. We also review Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) in this week's edition of DCD Film Club. Additionally, we discuss the Bucs QB situation, give our NFL Week 12 picks and much more!

Information Andy referenced at end of show:


0:00 - Update on what's poppin'.
1:04 - What have we been watching? What have we been playing?
4:48 - Correction sent in by @SpoonSammich on Twitter: Xcloud isn't available on iOS because it's in beta.
5:31 - Hot take: Chiefs either won't make the playoffs or barely make the wild card and bomb out. Patriots have to play through the wild card and don't make it. Thoughts? I stand by my picks in August- Seahawks vs Ravens - Ravens win. (@Qbanslim on Twitter)
10:03 - Should the Buccaneers take a chance on Tua if the opportunity presents itself? (@Colbster409 on Twitter)
14:05 - For Nintendo's inevitable next console, should they stay the path of focusing on the handheld features of it over the home console push? According to them, a large chunk of their users play Switch in Handheld Mode. (@ReasonsImBroke on Twitter)
19:35 - 2019 Game Awards nominations announced.
29:36 - Andy's grab bag of questions.
38:24 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) and Alex's pick for next week - ThanksKilling (2008).
57:32 - NFL Week 12 picks.
1:08:29 - Wrap up.

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