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Nov 17, 2019

In Episode #55 of the DCD podcast, we give our opinions on the new Sonic trailer and the X019. We also review American Psycho (2000) in this week's edition of DCD Film Club. Additionally, we discuss Myles Garrett getting suspended, give our NFL Week 11 picks and much more!


0:00 - Update on what's poppin'.
0:30 - What have we been watching? What have we been playing?
4:45 - Are the Lakers lucky? Sixers fake? Do you see the same teams doing well later in the season or will there be shifts all around? (@QbanSlim on Twitter)
9:13 - Can Alex explain why he doesn’t like Todd McFarlane? (@ReasonsImBroke on Twitter)
13:14 - If you were an orphan which NFL player would be your ideal dad? (@SpoonSammich on Twitter)
15:06 - New Sonic movie trailer released.
22:06 - Alex's thoughts on Death Stranding.
24:25 - Netflix and Nickelodeon team up on a multi-year deal to produce films and TV series.
28:46 - X019 coverage.
31:41 - American Psycho (2000) and Andy's pick for next week - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998).
41:20 - Astros caught stealing signs using video camera.
48:45 - Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely after brawl in PIT/CLE game.
56:18 - Andy talks about the 49ers.
59:51 - Is Lamar Jackson an elite QB?
1:07:30 - NFL Week 11 picks.
1:12:26 - Wrap up.

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