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Jul 21, 2019

In Episode #38 of the DCD podcast, we talk about Lion King 1994 vs. the 2019 release and a new Switch with a larger battery. We also review Life Is Beautiful (1997) in this week's edition of DCD Film Club. Additionally, we discuss the potential Melvin Gordon holdout, Madden 20/NBA 2K20 ratings and much more!


0:00 - Update on what's poppin'
8:37 - What have we been watching? What have we been playing?
12:53 - Listener question from Daniel (@ReasonsImBroke on Twitter): What video game/card game was banned from your middle/high school due to causing distractions in class?
24:20 - Nintendo Switch announces new base Switch model that has a larger battery.
27:07 - Luigi's Mansion coming to Nintendo Switch October 31, 2019.
28:53 - Lion King animated vs. live action/CGI re-make.
38:08 - New 007 cast and it's a female. Does it make sense for the franchise?
42:48 - DCD Film Club review of Life Is Beautiful (1997) and Alex's pick for next week - The Frighteners (1996).
58:20 - Melvin Gordon is threatening to hold out if he doesn't get a new contract.
1:04:10 - Madden 20 player and team ratings released.
1:14:00 - NBA 2K ratings released.
1:18:18 - Wrap up.

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